How GymSecure Can Help Your 24 Hour Gym

How GymSecure Can Help Your 24 Hour Gym

24 Hour Access Control System

Gym Secure Monitors Gyms During Unstaffed Hours

CCTV cameras monitor your gym or leisure facility 24/7 during out of hours periods, ensuring the health and safety, and security of gym users.

Authorised Entrance

Detection equipment is installed to monitor authorised gym members at entry point.

Unauthorised Entrance

Detection sensors are activated when an unauthorised person attempts to access the gym, which triggers an alarm that is sent to the control room.

Control Room Investigate Alarm

Our CCTV operators then use all available resources to investigate if the cause of the alarm is due to unauthorised entry.

24 Hour Access CCTV 24 Hour Gym Access Control

Audio Warning Issued

Operators issue audio warnings, alerting the non-member they have been detected trying to enter the gym illegally. This is an extremely successful deterent and is most cases is enough to ensure the non memeber leaves the premises.

Keyholder Notified

Our control room operators take immediate action and report all inicidents to the keyholder in real time, meaning that they can respond in real time without delay.

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    What our customers say

    Gym 01 Access Control CCTV Surveillance

    Gareth Johnson, Gym 01

    “We chose GymSecure for the opening of our new 24 hour gym because they seemed to offer the best package for our needs. Having only had it recently installed I can say that so far it has lived up to standard and although we have come across teething problems with it the support and communication has been excellent.” Gareth Johnson, Gym 01

    Club Fit 24 Access Control CCTV Surveillance

    Laurence James, Owner, ClubFit 24

    “Since using All Right Now we have experienced positive and an enjoyable service, All Right Now have a vast amount of expertise within their team and this is invaluable. Stephen and George are always on hand if there are ever any technical issues, with them happy to help even if it isn’t a direct issue with their systems. That being said, All Right Now’s access control systems are reliable, sturdy and built to last. The GymSecure service is competent and again headache free! I would recommend All Right Now as an access control system to any company regardless of their industry.” Laurence James, Owner, ClubFit 24

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